Choosing The Best IT Support for your Company

The success of any business is based on the systems that have been put in place. There are of course different departments that will guarantee the success of the entire business operation. One of the most important departments that you should pay attention to is the IT department- it forms the foundation of the business. Any one simple mistake and the business operation slow down. That is why it is extremely important for you to pay attention the people you hire to provide you with the service.

The customer service

If you have settled for the idea of getting IT support, you need to start the process of choosing the right computer support in Richlands. There are of course different companies out there claiming to offer you these services. You should be cautious when choosing the support company. One of the factors that you need to consider is the customer support. You need to ensure that the company you choose will be reliable enough to answer any of your questions. You need to also check if they answer their live calls and how often. Do they have a 24 hour service, what is the attitude of the customer service staff- these are some of the questions that you should consider.

The maintenance

It is important for you to consider how the computer support company is going to handle your business. You need to confirm if the company monitors your server to see if there is any security breech. A good company should be able to provide you with monthly reports on the performance of your business, the updates done and the status of your computer. It is crucial for you to consider if the company has a backup plan in case one of the technicians is unavailable.

The experience

Before you can get a company to offer your IT support, you need to check the qualifications of the technicians they have. You need to confirm that the technical team has the necessary qualification to offer you with the services. A good company offers on the job training to its team so as they can improve on their skills. The job training also ensures that the technicians are conversant with the latest technology. The technicians should be able to understand the needs of your business and provide the right applications. RealTime IT provides reliable server repair services and computer support.


This is an important factor of consideration. You need to consider the price quotation and come up with an agreement for getting the services. You should however not base your final decision on the cost factor only. This is because the company with the lowest price quotation may not offer you the quality service that you are after.

Technology Support Whenever Needed


As a company owner or manager, you know how important it is to have a person to manage all information technology aspects of the company, or in other words you need a computer person who is there to help you with your computers. Many companies do not have their own computer department and so they do not have a person with required technical skills to give the support to all employees in the company at a time of crisis. Whether it is a software or hardware failure, it is critical on how fast someone can attend to any situation, assess it and give a proper and permanent solution soon, so as to not disturb the working process of the company.

Complete support package

An information technology services provider, also known as a managed services provider will manage and will take responsibility for all your computers and the software running in it. Also printers and other computer related equipment will be inclusive in the coverage along with the internet connections and network connections within the company.

Generally the managed services providers will charge you a fixed monthly fee, depending on the size of your company, number of employees and number of equipment. Every organization faces many challenges when scaling up the company and managing the information technology infrastructure is one big challenge.

It is popular among many

You are definitely not the only one who need such services. There are many who use services as such. The reason why people use such services, without hiring their own IT team, is because these professionals know what they do. They are always updated with the best technology available whether it is hardware or software or network related, since they are serving many companies they do not have any other option and they cannot get away by doing a poor job. Acquiring your own IT persons could be more of a hassle, because you cannot be sure that they know what they are doing or whether they are up to the standards and up to date with the current trends. Plus you will have to separate a larger budget to manage your own IT team and to give them the necessary knowledge material and technical tools.

Find the best in town

Since many are using such services, you can easily find a company which offers the complete IT support and service coverage. Always select the professionals and leaders of the industry, since they will have the experts as well as the experience and will undoubtedly provide the best of services. You will get a job to suit the amount you will be spending.


Things You Must Ask Your Software Vendor

Before buying any kind of IT business solution you need to question your vendor and get all the necessary details before making the final choice and purchasing the product. So here are a few things you may want to clear out and ask your vendor before buying any type of IT application.

Will I be able to set my own username and password?

If your vendor gives you the username and password and won’t allow you to change them, then that’s a clear sign to move on to another product. Once the product is bought then it is yours. The vendor should not have the right to give you restrictions as such and they definitely don’t have the right to your company data. For example if you purchase an advanced POS systems your system will have sensitive details like your sales details, your profit details and details about your customers and suppliers. Therefore not allowing you to put your own username and password would be unethical no matter how good their credential and security is.

How often can I change my passwords?

This is another key factor in maintaining security. Take Facebook for an example, they recommend you change your passwords regularly so then should there be any difference with application that’s managing your business process. If the vendor restricts the number of times that the password can be changed then it would be good idea to look for a better option.

How often are the routine checks?

Here a vendor’s job isn’t just to install the product but they also have to maintain it and update it as well. Here when considering IT applications especially a POS system the time taken to make updates or maintenance should be very less. Since you business activities rely on the application the time taken to input updates, fix application errors should not take more than 2 days. If the vendors say that they can’t promise you this then it would be best to move on to another company.

What are the anti-virus maintenance policies you have?

Some vendors may or may not maintain your anti-virus scanning actions. So in the beginning ask if they maintain your anti-virus, do they regularly check the security logs or would you have to wait for an error or problem to occur to check if the application has been compromised. It would be best to find vendors that will provide anti-virus services as well.

Remember that IT solutions are there to increase efficiencies in the business process and security so choice one that will uplift and not drag down your business.

4 Techniques To Utilize Location-Based Marketing

Every brand that was wary about mobile advertising is now allocating more funds in annual budgets to it. Global brands are heading the mobile apps way to maximize customer engagement and to gain quick sales conversions. Here are four great ways that use geo-centric marketing campaigns to maximum benefit.
1.    Apple recently launched the iBeacon technology which sent brands shutting down their brick and mortar stores. The technology helps businesses to provide geospatial managed services that will help businesses to send the notifications to customers within a geographical area. Retailers like Lord and Taylor are using this technology to attract customers to their stores. Hudson Bay, another popular retailer is also using the same technology to push exclusive offers and product discounts to customers who are in their geographical vicinity.

2.    Quirky and GE recently joined hands to develop an air conditioner that can be controlled using a mobile device. Most manufacturers have also GE’s footsteps to create mobile controlled home appliances. Apps created using geospatial managed services were deployed to find customers for this exclusive product. The campaign also involved a weather alert system which popped the air conditioner ad on user screens when the temperature for the day rose beyond a limit. Analytics revealed that at least 60% of the pop ups were opened and a significant portion them converted into sales volumes reiterating the power of location centric advertising to brands.

3.    Montana is a popular tourist destination for those who love to spend time at ski resorts. The Montana Bureau of Tourism and Starcom Media created a location centric marketing strategy that used mobile ads to find customers for a nearby ski resort. The strategy was based on customer’s previous behavior and takes mobile advertising to the next level. It proved to be successful in gaining sales volumes at marketing spending that was significantly lesser than offline marketing.

4.    Ice cream is sold in massive quantities around the world. However, the industry is made up of millions of tiny sellers who are also hopping on board to gain maximum momentum using geospatial mapping software. Brands like Van Leeuwen from New York have rolled out mobile payments through PayPal and other digital payment models to gain market share. Van Leeuwenis said to have raked in more than 5% increase in per day sales by resorting to the mobile based payment system. The app also rolled out cash back offers and further discounts in nearby stores to customers who used the digital payment mode.

As mobile payment apps continue to grow in number, brands are bundling their promotional activities with mobile payment services to gain maximum exposure to local customers.

Setting Up A Server Infrastructure

The advent of technology has made the world a very small place. It is very easy for any company to quickly reach the information about their products to their customers worldwide with the use of the internet technology. With new concepts, developing thick and fast, traders now can cut down on the cost of setting up and owning server infrastructure by making use of the virtual storage space on the net. This way you will be able to safely and securely store all important data, customer information and other important details in a remote area that cannot be easily accessed by anyone.

Remote storage
All the company information can easily be stored in a safe and secure remote storage so that you do not have to burn your head on investing in external hard drives or to revamp your system to store all your data. This is possible if you have tied up with the best cloud computing services. By doing so, all kinds of large and small files can be stored safely without any trouble. You can find public, private and hybrid clouds. You can now access your data from anywhere and at any time.

Choosing the best
There are many criteria that you need to look into when opting for cloud IT solutions North West Sydney.
•    The service provider must be a reputable and reliable one in the market.
•    Should offer maximum uptime and data should be hosted across multiple data centers.
•    24 x 7 monitoring and quality customer care through emails and chats.
•    Custom friendly support and affordable packages.

How to find the right one?
If you are looking for the best agencies to safeguard your firm’s data in remote areas, then you need to be ready to spend some of your valuable time and effort in finding one. If your colleagues or friends have recently gotten in touch with such professionals, then they will be able to assist you out in finding the right one for your company. You can also get some advice from your friends or relatives about the best teams in your area. One of the best ways to find quality and professional companies to suit your needs is to check out the internet. All you got to do is to search for the top quality professional procurement specialist Brisbane using popular search engines and you will be able to get access to the best ones in your area.

Storing all important office documents, files and customer information on the cloud is a very good option as you will never need to fear of any data loss or damage to your files anymore. Everything will be safe and secure for quick and easy access from anywhere and at any time.

How To Maintain Confidentiality At Work

Businesses generate crucial data, decisions and information every single day all over the world. While some of these data and decisions are trivial, some others can have significant impacts on many other companies, governments and people. This is why confidentiality in a business is very important. This keeps information that belongs to one party from being shared with those who are not authorized to view them. If you too work in an organization, you would know what it means to be faced with a breach of confidentiality. Here are some points to take into account in order to maintain confidentiality at your place of work by CCTV installation Melbourne, at

Need to Know Basis
When you give out information to your employees, make sure that you do not give them the whole picture. Instead, give them only parts of information, that are just enough for them to do their jobs. This way, even if they breach your trust and disclose the information to another party, they would not be able to give them the whole picture. This is not to say that your employees will do the same. But as a precaution, install a intercom installation Melbourne system to your computer so that your data can have levels of authorization.

Traffic in Your Office
Close your eyes for a minute and think of the traffic patterns in your office. Do your employees have the run of the place? Do they have entree to the CEO’s room and his computers and/or files? Does everyone have right of entry to the archival room? Who has entree to the store room? If you feel that more people than what is strictly needed have access to a particular room, think of integriti access control control system with swiping key cards. This way, only those who are authorized to be in a particular room will be able to enter it.

Non-Disclosure Agreements
If your company deals with information that are sensitive and belongs to other parties, there is always a chance that someone at your office may disclose some of this information to a competitor. In order to create the legal grounds to forbid the unauthorized transfer of information, get your employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This way, you, as a company, is able to take legal action in the event of a breach of confidentiality. Get a non-disclosure agreement drafted by a qualified lawyer. It is not fair to request all your employees to simply sign it. Instead educate them on the need for such an agreement. After explaining this, make the non-disclosure agreement mandatory.