The Effects Of Technology In The 21st Century

Technology has affected our lifestyle tremendously. Technology leads to the path for easy access of knowledge, connections and also easy ways of business deals. The life of humans have dramatically changed with the invention of computers, the Internet and smartphones. You can buy a product and get it delivered to your doorstep, talk to someone who lives miles away from you, get information about any subject and you can get so many things done just by a click of a button. It is obvious that modern technology is making humans lazy and unhealthy. Technology has killed all those old school things which can be fun to do. Most of you must have waited days to receive a letter from a loved one but now it only takes a split second to check on your loved ones.

The rise of the Internet has also changed the ways of dating; online dating is a trend in the 21st century. Technology has changed the lives of parenting, instead of buying toys for the children, kids are gifted smartphones and tablets. With the rise of technology, many diseases which deadly years back, are now curable; organ transplant which was only a dream sometime back is now a reality. Robots have replaced humans in many ways due to their speed, reliability and accuracy. Technology has also changed the lives of conducting businesses. We live in a fast phased world.

Since smart phones keep you connected 24/7, even if you are on your vacation in Hawaii, you could get your deals done. If you have bills to pay but you also have a flight to catch; throw away all your worries because you can do your transactions from the Internet .

The advantages of the Internet

Everything in this world has ups and downs and so does the Internet. The Internet has many ways of enhancing our lives. Before the Internet, people had to go through a lot of trouble, just to communicate with someone but with the Internet, it is the easiest thing to do. You can start up your own business using the Internet, for example, you can sell your own products by creating your own website. Include all your products for a reasonable price; give an attractive look into that your website, using Gold Coast web design to attract more customers.

If you find it difficult and you want to give your web page an inspiring look, you could hire a professional web designer to get the work done for you, ensuring maximum satisfaction. If you have to get a research done, you could get the required information in seconds rather than spending hours in the library looking through newspapers and magazines. You could know what’s happening around the world instantly from your phone or from your personal computer. Take a look at this site if you are looking for a qualified designer.

Disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet will give you all the important details about every subject but it can also make you believe things which are not real. You will meet new people from the Internet but be careful when interacting with strangers because you can never be sure of what they are up to. The Internet can be addicting which causes people not only to lose their social life but also risk their privacy and security. Wasting time on the Internet is a piece of cake, you won’t realize you that you are killing your time, doing things which has no use at all. The Internet can be filled with hackers and viruses which can lead up to identity theft and damage of your hardware.

How Internal Audits Are Conducted?

Every organization needs to follow certain quality standards. These have been made mandatory for every industrial segment in every country these days. In order to ensure conformation to industrial safety standards and standardization of different industrial process different quality standards are applicable in different industries. No matter which quality standard is followed by an organization, there are external audits that are held from time to time to ensure conformance to the standards based on which certification is issued or renewed. In between external audits, internal audits also need to be held to ensure conformance of the different standards and norms established.

Importance of certification

Every company that operates in a country, locally or internationally, needs to conform to certain quality standards. For that reason there are quality assurance systems that are established. Auditors of these organizations visit firms and ensure that they are complying with the different requirements of the standards. In case, there is violation noted, certification could be revoked. That would impair a company from selling its goods and services in the market. Most developed markets have stringent laws in place whereby quality certification is required in order to allow a company to introduce its wares in the market. Continue reading this for further information regarding quality assurance systems.

Forming internal auditors

At the time when quality assurance systems are established for organizations, training was conducted across departments in order to ensure that all managers and their subordinates are aware of the quality standard requirements that need to be met. There are organizational objectives as well as departmental conformance parameters that need to be met. Besides awareness training, there are internal auditors who are trained to conduct internal audits.

Checklists for internal audits

In order to standardize the process of internal audit checklists are distributed by the external auditors. The framework is provided and internal parameters are decided as per the working of an organization. The checklists are created as per department’s requirements. These need to confirm which translate to conformance at the company level. In order to ensure compliance the internal audits are scheduled at regular intervals and internal auditors are made aware of the schedule.

Requirements of internal auditors

At the time when internal auditors are trained, they are assigned certain tasks. They are assigned audition of different departments, usually others from the ones they belong to. Objectivity and fairness are required to be maintained at the time of noting observations. In case deviations are noted the audited team is given time to work on the issues and resolve the same. These reports and findings are then noted at the time when external audits are conducted. The internal auditors are assigned the tasks of minute audit findings while the external auditors usually conduct a general audit at the managerial level.