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Let’s assume that you are in a situation and are having a bad day when you are stuck in traffic and have a meeting that you are getting late for. You pick up your phone to communicate your immediate boss about the situation you are in but the day gets even worse when your phone just died on you.  This situation results in being embarrassing and causing real problems at work. But what if you could avoid this situation? Or what if you had a solution to this? Well, you can absolutely avoid this problem by investing in a car phone charger. This device will not only allow you to charge your phone in emergency situations but also keeps you safe from the embarrassing situations like the one mentioned above.  

How does a Car Phone Charger works? 
One may always wonder how a car phone charger work. Well, to answer this, car phone chargers are small devices that utilize the auxiliary power socket available in the car or the 12V cigarette lighter and convert the power in to the USB output which makes it safe to charge your devices. They allow your devices to be charged while your car is running.  

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Car Phone Charger 
When shopping for a car phone charger, below are the points you should consider: 

  1. Proper Amperage 
    Choose a far charger that has the capacity to charge the hungry devices like the iPhone series. Initially, 1.0 amp chargers were pretty common, but the latest technology and the power hunger devices have created the norm for the common use of 2.1 and 2.4 amp chargers. 
  2. Multiple USB Outputs 
    Today, it is very common to see people carrying more than one gadgets with them which automatically create the need for more charging spots. Some car chargers have only one charging slot while others provide two or more. Make sure you get the one according to your usability. 
  3. Quality and Certifications 
    Make sure you purchase your car phone charger from a reliable supplier. Also, note that a top quality car charger will include built in qualities such as safety circuits that prevent overcharging, overheating and other dangers that might come up with a charger. 
  4. Configuration 
    Lastly, what matters the most is the size of the charger if it fits within the dashboard without interfering or irritating the driver or other auto dash accessories if you are using any. To make your car look less messy with all the wires, it is suggested to go for a car phone charger with a style that will complement or match the color of your car’s interior.